This sector of our company born to attend a very important demand of brazilian society initially. We started in 2012 with our patented Space Camp Brasil, a very special training program conceived to empowering students to STEAM careers and give teaching technics to Professors. During preparation of Space Camps our team developed many interesting experimental sets and didactics equipment’s. Recently part of our team was deeply involved in Engineering education, from development of methodologies of active learning to blended learning. We are collaborating to transform engineering education from a static and disconnected process to a dynamic and really practical process, let’s chat about, contact us!  


From 2012, we have realized 5 Space Camps and 1 National Astronautical Education Meeting. with more than 500 attendants. Actually our team are redesigning our Space Camp Brasil, and elaborating new educational events, if you have interest in be partner in one in your city or institution, contact us.

Customized Scientific Equipments

Our team has developed during this last 10 year, projects from Sun Simulators, Space Rovers for education and many different scientific test bench’s, our experience allow us to design and manufacturing almost any equipment, with low cost and agility. More recently we are looking for training equipment’s heading 4.0 industry market.


Do you want to built a MakerLab, FabLab or MakerSpace in your school? Do you want to change your way to teach STEAM or Engieenring, creating a really practical approach? Contact our team, we can help or even  be a partner in your business, let`s chat!