This department was the first of our company and remain the core of our team, dedicated essentially to develop rocket components, from Sounding Rockets to Launch Vehicles. Some months after our beginning we started activities on UAVs developments as a complementary market, most based on our solutions for rockets in development phase. 



This sector of our company born to attend a very important demand of brazilian society initially. We started in 2012 with our patented Space Camp Brasil, a very special training program conceived to empowering students to STEAM careers and give teaching technics to Professors. During preparation of Space Camps our team developed many interesting experimental sets and didactics equipment’s. Recently part of our team was deeply involved in Engineering education, from development of methodologies of active learning to blended learning.


This is our youngest sector of company, with projects in clean energy and human development technologies. How we can make your life better? Our idea is using all of our expertise from high-tech solutions to improve life quality of disadvantaged people firstly.


Supporting Lives