This department was the first of our company and remain the core of our team, dedicated essentially to develop rocket components, from Sounding Rockets to Launch Vehicles. Some months after our beginning we started activities on UAVs developments as a complementary market, most based on our solutions for rockets in development phase. 


Our team started projects in this field specific for training and education. We developed a rocket family named FOG, from our smallest FOG500 with apogee of 500m and 1kg payload and FOG1K-CST with 1km apogee and 3kg payload (6 CANSATs), to our larger tested FOG10K, a testbed for 2kg payload at 10km of apogee, exclusivelly for Highschool and University education. 


Since 2018 we returned with FOG family development with 3 commercial rockets, for Crew training, technological proving and scientific experimentation. This family start with FOG30K and FOG100K, both based on SRM and intended for 30km and 100km of apogee, and a more sofisticad FOG120K-L, a LRE based sounding rocket, fully reusable, with apogee range from 100km to 200km.


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FOG30K-mkII Payload User Guide

FOG120K-L-mkII Payload User Guide

FOG120K-L-mkII Detailed Business Plan

FOG120K-L related papers  



After 12 years of research, we concluded the SRR and now we are in the middle phase of PDR of our MONTENEGRO LV Family. It’s our most audacious project and we are very proud of technologies developed until now and about the potential of this vehicle. Using the legacy of VSB30 successful soundig rocket, with all manufacturing and operations based on São Paulo and Alcantara Units , and with startup philosophy (Design 4 Manufacturing, Responsive Space, Reinventing Space, Space 4.0 etc...) this vehicle will be launched by a very competitive price, let’s be our partner in this dream!



Based our team experience, we offer a wide variety of propulsyon systems, from 1N to 100kN of instantaneous Thust. Our portfolio offer many options in different ranges of TRL, in Solid Rocket Motors or Liquid Rocket Motors, including valves, lines, tanks, chambers, cases, ablative and regenerative nozzle. Our propellants are based on APCP & ANCP in SRM, and HTP & N2O with a wide range of liquid fuels. Due a very lean structure and team, very strong connection with research institutions and a startup mindset, we can develop, adapt and manufacturing almost any combination our customers can desire in few months, for rocket or satellites.



Our team has total domain over UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems), from design, manufacturing, mission concept to operation, training and maintenance. We can offer since Multirotor platforms to our larger platform Hawk with 40kg MTOW, 10kg payload and 400km endurance.


Consulting & Suport Services

After more than 13 years of experience, our team are prepared to support and help in different space projects, from Design, Optimizations, Prototypes and Technical reports. Beyond this services, our company is ready to help in design and implementation of infrastructures here in Brazil or any remote place worldwide. 


Another field we can support and save time & budget, we are prepared to support your transition to the awesome world of high perfomance Additive Manufaturing and 4.0 Industry, wanna to know more, let`s squedule a technical meeting!